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Weekly Poll: Should Samsung Have Split the Galaxy Note Series?

Weekly Poll: Should Samsung Have Split the Galaxy Note Series?

The Galaxy Note series is dead and next week the Galaxy S22 Ultra will officially take its throne. But are you ready to replace your beloved Note with an S phone? And more generally, is this a smart move by Samsung?

We do not focus only on the name. Previously, the Galaxy S phones launched in the first half and the Notes would follow in the second half, bringing additional updates. With the teething problems of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, an H2 launch could have included the supposed plus version of the chip.

This situation is also not ideal if you care more about the cameras than the stylus. Right now, if you want the best cameras Galaxy phones have to offer, you need to get the note-sized Ultra. Before it was not like that, for example the cameras of the Galaxy S9+ were (almost) as good as those of the Note9, the same for the S10+ and the Note10+. The arrival of the Ultra models meant that top-of-the-line camera hardware was encased in a note-sized body.

The last true Galaxy Note

Another problem is that the pricing structure of Samsung’s flagship line has become unbalanced. The Galaxy S20 Ultra ($1,400/€1,350) was slightly more expensive than the Note20 Ultra ($1,300/€1,266). Since then, things have settled down, and rumors about the prices of the new phones suggest that the S22+ will cost $1,100/€1,050, while the S22 Ultra will cost $1,300/€1,250.

Still, with Ultra, you may be paying for hardware you don’t want just to get the best cameras. Or the best display: It looks like the S22 and S22+ will have slightly worse panels.

It’s no secret why Samsung has streamlined its flagship lineup, the Galaxy Z Fold is now the top dog of the second half. But do you want a foldable? And more importantly, should the Galaxy Note series have remained separate?

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