Windows 11: software optimizations for gamers

Available since last October, Windows 11 is a real metamorphosis of Microsoft’s operating system. It must be said that the differences are numerous: interface, sound environment, functionality, Windows Store … Many new features that improve its use and a new aspect: the focus on videogames.

Because yes, the video game has been gaining importance in Microsoft in recent years, to the point of making it one of the central elements of this new Windows update. Good news for gamers who are now opting for a gaming laptop.

For Windows 11, Microsoft has multiplied the features to improve machine performance during gaming sessions and offer better management of computer components and peripherals.

The most obvious is the most deep integration of Xbox Game Pass into the operating system. Windows 11 welcomes the Xbox application by default and offers a subscription to the Game Pass PC games catalog. Better: you can take advantage of cloud gaming to stream play from any computer. Game Pass requires Windows 10 or 11 (version 22H1 or later) and the Xbox app to play PC games.

The Windows Store has also received a makeover. From now on, any publisher can integrate the software of their choice into it. Above all, it is the (future) arrival of the Amazon AppStore and with it Android applications, including games.

Windows 11 also offers automatic HDR. Compatible with all titles running DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, this feature applies HDR (High Dynamic Range) to all games that don’t have a base. This allows for a richer image thanks to better brightness management.

Better resource management

As games get heavier and more demanding, good computer performance management has become essential for playing in perfect conditions. There’s no point in having the best components if they don’t work best.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is tackling this problem head on with DirectStorage technology, already used on the latest generations of Xbox. In particular, it optimizes the transfer speed of SSDs (assuming they are NVMe). Therefore, the graphics card (if compatible with DirectX 12) takes care of some resources, in order to lighten the load on the CPU and speed up the transmission of information. Games are getting smoother, even for AAA, those high-quality, high-budget games.

Another hardware optimization: Game mode. Already present on Windows 10, this “mode” has the task of reducing the resources allocated to other applications when starting a game. This prevents the PC from running late when running a demanding game.

A good time to buy

The arrival of Windows 11 is another argument for moving to a gaming laptop. Already optimized for gaming from a hardware perspective, gamer laptops take advantage of the excellent handling of Windows 11 to deliver an optimal gaming experience.

While Windows 10 owners have to wait for Windows 11 to ship to their computer, the operating system is pre-installed on many laptop models. This means that you do not have to check if your computer is compatible with TPM 2.0. This avoids the hassle of tampering with the BIOS to enable this setting.

Finally, with the extreme shortage of graphics cards, PCs for gamers are guaranteed to take advantage of the latest generation of GPUs on the market and thus play titles like Elden Ring or Halo Infinite at the best graphics level.