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Windows 11 update adds helpful new features for hybrid working

Windows 11 update adds helpful new features for hybrid working

Microsoft’s PC operating system is expected to add new features that prioritize the needs of hybrid working in an upcoming update.

Microsoft is rolling out a set of updates to its new operating system, Windows 11. The stated goal of these changes is to facilitate the hybrid work that has become so prevalent in the last two years under the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s a breakdown of all the changes you need to know about.

Table of Contents:

File Explorer redesign

File Explorer, the system for managing all the files you’ve saved to your hard drive, is getting a major overhaul in this new version of Windows 11. You’ll now be able to use tabs to sort all your documents, and Microsoft says this simple change could bring “what used to take six clicks to access an important file to one.”

In addition to this, more customization will be added to the Start menu, including the use of new app folders.

Smart meeting features

As meetings via video calls have become an increasingly important feature of our daily lives, Microsoft has announced a number of AI-enhanced features to improve this aspect of the Windows 11 experience, including features like Voice Clarity and Voice Focus to improve audio output. , Auto Framing and Portrait Background Blur, to make sure you stand out when you’re in front of your webcam, and Eye Contact to make it look like you’re still attentive, even when your eyes may wander elsewhere on the screen.

However, these changes will depend on the capabilities of your own hardware.

Accessibility improvements

Along with this modification, some different features were also added to make Windows 11 accessible to a wider range of people.

Focus Assist will be changed to let you turn off notifications for a set period of time, so you can focus on the task at hand and ignore distracting programs. Microsoft says this will “make it easier for information workers, including people with ADHD, to develop healthy digital habits and be more productive.”

Windows 11 will also now host system-wide live subtitles, similar to subtitles, making it easier for everyone, and especially those who are deaf or not fluent in the respective language, to understand spoken content.

Additionally, people with reduced mobility will be able to use Voice Access to control and dictate their device using speech instead of any physical input.

security updates

Some important new security enhancements are also on the way to Windows 11. SmartScreen will protect users against phishing attacks by alerting users who enter their Microsoft credentials into a known malicious app or hacked website, while Smart App Control uses login with access code. along with Microsoft AI models to ensure that only trusted applications are allowed to run on the system.

In the future, Microsoft aims to integrate cloud computing into its security suite through the Microsoft Pluto security processor.

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