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Windows 12: first details on Microsoft’s next operating system

Windows 12: first details on Microsoft’s next operating system

Windows 10 was originally supposed to be Microsoft’s latest PC operating system. The company intended to update it regularly without changing its name, a bit like it happened with Mac OSX for many years thanks to its updates. However, the company changed its philosophy with the relaunch of the PC market and chose to remake a major version with Windows 11 in 2021.

With this launch, Microsoft no longer wants to offer several updates per year, but only an annual feature update. We expect Windows 11 22H2 Sun Valley 2 by the end of the year, and Microsoft already appears to be working on Sun Valley 3 by 2023.

The change of strategy continues, however, and is described by journalist Zac Bowden for Windows Central, a leading expert when it comes to internal Windows development.

Windows 12 in 2024

The first important piece of information about this change of strategy at Microsoft is the development of a new version of Windows with a three-year cycle. We would therefore have the next version of Windows scheduled for 2024, three years after Windows 11 in 2021. This future version has no name, but it is easy to imagine that it will be called Windows 12, after Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. “Next Valley Instead is the company code name.

Microsoft will therefore focus its development efforts on this Windows 12 scheduled for 2024. This means, according to Zac Bowden, the permanent abandonment of Sun Valley 3, the update scheduled for 2023. Until then, the steps will be quite simple : the Redmond company wants to go back to what it was offering before and that had been successful, ie major releases called “Moments” that allow manufacturers to prepare new technologies and new generations of PCs to sell to consumers.

Moments: new features over time

In addition to a new version of Windows every three years, Microsoft would like to regularly offer “Moments” for Windows 11. Behind this name are new features offered as updates without a very clear timetable. This is what the company offered as early as February 2022 with a first significant update for Windows 11.

In the United States, this update also brought the Amazon App Store and the Windows subsystem for Android but it came out as a simple Windows Update, without a trade name and only a few months after the launch of Windows 11.

Now it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will stick to this new development strategy or whether the company will change its update cycles again in the future.