‘World’s Longest 5 Minutes’ is an adventure game and RPG at the same time

World’s Longest 5 Minutes is a new adventure and RPG parts title that will be released for a price of 3,980 yen in Japan, and is being created in a collaboration by the development company mobile applications Syupro and of course, Nippon Ichi Software. It will be released in Japan for PS Vita on July 28, 2016.

On this occasion, Famitsu magazine brings us new details about the game. In addition to facing the Demon King and his lackeys, the hero of this installment loses his memory of him. As he defends himself in battles he must try to talk to people to try to collect details from his memory, a feature that includes “parts of an RPG.”

Specifically it is an adventure game when the player makes decisions and tries to recover his memory during the battles with the Demon King, which at the same time leads us to the parts of an RPG, which appear when they begin the scenes of memories and influence the hero’s abilities and equipment.


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