You can make coffee at Zipp’s Café, set in the Chicken Police universe

Chicken Police: Paint it Red! after its success, The Wild Gentlemen team started working on the sequel, Into the HIVE!. At the same time, the domestic indie studio is also developing the stealth-shooting horror game RetroSpace, but that’s not all: they are also expanding the world of their noir detective games – The World of Wilderness – with a cafe manager program.

THE Zipp’s Cafe its protagonist is a raccoon, Zipp H. Murphy, who runs the coffee shop also named in the title. And not just anyhow, because his catering unit is the most popular of its kind in Clawville. Cops and criminals alike stop by for a cup of hot drink and maybe some food.

As players, our task will be to serve the visiting guests. We can wash dishes, make espresso, serve fried eggs – each of these means a mini-game. In the meantime, we can mix in a conversation with those sitting at the counter, specifically five regular guests. And so interesting stories unfold, including Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! we also get a taste of the events of the game, and even things are said about unannounced projects. And during the discussions, the complicated relationships of our customers are revealed to us, as well as Zipp’s mysterious past.

The Chicken Police – Into the HIVE! Zipp’s Café, which can also be considered a prequel to his story, is being made for PC, and will be released on November 15, on Steam.

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