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Zignaly introduces a secure and reliable cross-chain token bridge

Zignaly introduces a secure and reliable cross-chain token bridge

The digital asset space is incredibly innovative, constantly finding new use cases, and has grown in popularity in recent years.

However, some flaws still need to be corrected to promote a more accessible space that caters to newcomers and ensures adoption by the masses.

There are currently at least 1,000 blockchains, and while that is impressive, the ability to connect from one blockchain to another is very scarce on many blockchains.

Blockchain connection is essential because exchanging one digital asset for another requires huge fees and many cumbersome hurdles to overcome. In short, interoperability is one of the most important factors in moving digital assets and blockchains from tech enthusiasts to everyday users.

One way that helps solve this problem is something called blockchain, crypto, or digital asset bridging. These digital asset bridges, also called cross-chain bridges, connect two blockchains. Linking two blockchains allows users to quickly and easily send digital assets from one chain to another.

Zignaly, a pioneer in social investing and an advocate for blockchain composability, recently announced its development at “The Bridge.” The project claims that it is “nothing less than the largest crypto bridge in the world.”

Zignaly Bridge

Users who frequently interact with bridges are aware of their shortcomings. Most suffer from significant security issues, a large number of bugs that put assets at risk, and other stability issues. With a combination of help from digital asset users and industry peers and his vast experience using bridges, Zignaly plans to create the ultimate solution at The Bridge.

The bridge will be powered by ZIG, Zignaly’s native token. This ambitious project aims to create a cross-chain bridge that makes it as easy as possible to trade and transfer digital assets from one chain to another. This will not only apply to ZIG holders, but to the entire digital asset space.

Initially, The Bridge started out as an ERC20-BSC bridge for the ZIG coin. However, over time it morphed into something much more, supporting four strings; ERC20, BSC, MATIC and SOL chain. This comprehensive support ensures that with Zignaly’s new cross-chain bridge, many projects will be able to build a version of their token on different blockchains, adding liquidity to The Bridge.

With broad composability, strong security, and reliability, this accessible bridge will provide users with a sense of security and trust while implementing much-needed flexibility in the digital asset ecosystem. All this will be summarized in a simplified user interface.

The Bridge roadmap has three main phases:

Zignaly’s independent chain bridge approach is at the heart of its strategy. The platform is committed to designing The Bridge to be compatible even with the blockchains of the future.

Image: Pixabay

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