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Apple Arcade’s Air Twister is a descendant of Sega’s ’80s arcade games, for better and worse

Apple Arcade’s Air Twister is a descendant of Sega’s ’80s arcade games, for better and worse

Source: Ys Net

Air Twister has intrigued me ever since I found its trailer last month. Developed by YS Net, a studio run by legendary designer Yu Suzuki of Sega fame, the game is a hodgepodge of all sorts of aesthetics that I find shocking. Fairy tale setting crashed in space? A blonde-haired princess shoots lasers from a crossbow while riding a huge swan? A heavily Queen-inspired soundtrack? UI including a generic font that reminds me of Runescape? These parts should not work together; everything seems so loose in motion.

So when Air Twister finally came out on June 24, I had to play it. And I’m here to say: this game rocks. I don’t think it’s great though because of how rare it is. It’s great because of its simple arcade-inspired gameplay.

本日Apple ArcadeにてAir Twisterリリースしました。
ケーキもらった。#airtwister pic.twitter.com/5MqmboYLiG

— Yu Suzuki (@yu_suzuki_jp) June 24, 2022

While Yu Suzuki is best known to his fans as the man behind Shenmue, Air Twister sees him return to his roots with gameplay similar to his previous rail shooter Space Harrier, as well as the in-flight combat title. .the third person. After Burner. Air Twister could actually be a spiritual sequel to the first, as several Space Harrier enemies appear here, and the footage is similar. Where Space Harrier and Air Twister differ, however, is in speed and, hey, how you can ride large animals. Air Twister is much slower than Space Harrier, which makes for a more relaxing experience.

Source: Ys Net

The game shares a blocking system that Panzer Dragoon fans should be aware of. Players control Princess Arch, a crossbow welder warrior who must save her planet from destruction (or something like that) and must sweep and tap enemies to shoot them. Enemies like manta rays, giant dragonflies, and UFOs appear on screen in formations, and you can automatically target them by swiping their tails. Once you snap your finger away, the lasers target those bad guys. If you do well and destroy all the enemies before they disappear from the screen, you will be rewarded with a star that you can use for cosmetic, weapon, and health upgrades. You will also have to slide your finger across the screen to control Princess Arch and dodge incoming balls.

Source: Ys Net

Air Twister has 12 levels, each ending with a boss battle. The weirdest boss I’ve come across so far is a stack of clocks and a couple of candlesticks. They throw little watches at you.

There’s definitely a rhythm to the game that you’ll encounter as you play, which can give you a Rez-like experience, but if you’re not a fan of sweeping formations, you can tap and shoot. Just keep in mind: bullet **** isn’t, and you won’t be too happy trying to replicate that Galaga experience here because it doesn’t reward both precision shots and timing. If you are interested, the game offers a lot of lore and you can read all about the backstory of your huge animal friends and those strange floating mushrooms in a dense in-game world compendium.

Source: Ys Net

I had fun playing this game with my Backbone and tapping the screen when I need a quicker reaction. I also like the sharpness of the game on my iPhone 12, which runs at 60 FPS. If you don’t like mobile games, you can also play them on Apple TV, Mac, and iPad.

I’m not going to lie and say that this game is a must-have for both Apple Arcade fans and iOS strangers alike. It’s definitely a title embedded in an arcade archetype that doesn’t offer anything new. Although there are no in-app purchases, the game contains many locked items that you unlock by collecting daily and weekly rewards. You will spend a lot of time replaying levels, searching for stars and dying to get new items to help you run to the end of the game. I may be a minority here, but I’m not. I’m no longer a fan of Dutch composer Valensia’s game soundtrack, which sounds like the result of an algorithm devouring the entire Queen discography.

Still, seeing something this elegant in Apple Arcade is fantastic. The trailer doesn’t do it justice in showing just how much fun it can be riding flying elephants while dodging oval laser projectiles and shooting geometric shapes. Air Twister already seems like an Apple Arcade hit, right at home with Sega’s ’80s arcade release, but too weird to exist as a new game for home consoles. It’s a win in my book.

air tornado

Fight through 12 fantastic stages as Princess Arch in this rail shooter from legendary game creator Yu Suzuki. Developed by YS Net, Air Twister is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

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