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WhatsApp chat transfers from Android to iOS could be imminent

WhatsApp chat transfers from Android to iOS could be imminent

When WhatsApp launched its iOS to Android chat transfer tool last year, we thought it wouldn’t be long before you could send those conversations over to the other side.

Now that seems to be paying off, with the latest beta versions of the chat app now offering chat migration from Android to iOS.

The feature had already been previewed in a previous version of the Android beta app, but has now made its way to the iPhone version for the first time.

The functionality requires the cooperation of the application Move to iOS Android, the users of Apple to integrate the users of Android, since the new beta version will also be posted on a screen or WhatsApp will require the authorization of the user before starting the transference. However, even those in the beta won’t be able to use the feature yet.

“Unfortunately, this feature is not available at this time and supported operating systems are unknown. We don’t have any release details for the feature, but we’re monitoring development and will let you know as soon as possible. ‘there will be news’ the report said.

Currently, the feature on Android is available for Samsung Galaxy phones and Pixel devices, while the iOS to Android feature is expected to come to all Android 12 devices at some point. It is time that the opposite is also possible.

In August of last year, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart hinted that the feature would eventually come to all platforms. He wrote in a tweet: “Want to securely transfer your WhatsApp history from one platform to another? We’re working on making this possible starting with @SamsungMobile devices and coming soon to @Android and iOS phones.

Separately, the company is also working on two-step verification for WhatsApp on the web and desktop; another long-requested feature. WhatsApp has been pretty good at rolling out these new features to the general public recently, so hopefully the rollout will happen sooner rather than later.

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