Windows 11: The advertisement in the “File Explorer” section was just a mistake from Microsoft

Earlier this week, some users started seeing ads in the “File Explorer” section of Windows 11. No advertisements for local businesses nearby, but invitations to use internal services such as your Microsoft Editor text editor. A novelty that will certainly have made the various regulators shiver on the competition for an operating system in a dominant position in the PC market.

Microsoft immediately wanted to put out the fire, declaring the mistake.

An internal test

Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager on the Windows team that monitors these issues on Windows Insider, provided an explanation for The Verge. “This was an experimental banner that was not intended for external publishing and has been disabled.”

This is the explanation of why this new feature was viewed by users by mistake. But Brandon LeBlanc doesn’t explain why Windows developers thought about integrating an advertisement into File Explorer. Recall that the Windows team experiences various novelties of this kind never see the light, not even through the Insider program. However, the developers found that adding an advertisement for Microsoft services was a good idea that was worth spending time on.

One thing is certain, with this case the project will be dead and gone. Because this isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried to beef up advertising for its services. The company isn’t the only one pushing their services into their ecosystem.

Google often does this with advertisements for YouTube Kids or YouTube Premium, and Apple often urges its users to sign up for one of its services directly in their iPhone settings.