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iOS Gaming Roundup: Stumble Guys Leaves Fall Guys Feeling Flat, Checks Out The Division Resurgence

iOS Gaming Roundup: Stumble Guys Leaves Fall Guys Feeling Flat, Checks Out The Division Resurgence

Source: Kitka Games

This week in mobile gaming, a colorful battle royale platformer tops the charts, but it’s not Fall Guys. Ubisoft showed The Division Resurgence for the first time and we got a brief look at The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth.

Plus, there’s a new Subway Surfers game on Apple Arcade and a banana-collecting platformer with a great ape that isn’t Donkey Kong.

Come on, okay?

Table of Contents:

Stumble Guys beats Fall Guys

This week, the Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys hit #1 on the App Store chart in both the US and UK. And while it’s a pretty blatant copy of Battle Royale, it’s very impressive: it’s very much Fall Guys for mobile in all but name, and even the name comes pretty close.

It has been downloaded more than 160 million times so far, according to figures from Appmagic. Compare that to Fall Guys on PC and console, which just surpassed 50 million downloads, and you can see how big of a missed opportunity this is for Fall Guys maker Mediatonic.

So why isn’t Fall Guys on mobile? Well, creating games is hard, and porting a PC and console game to a mobile device is always quite tricky, especially if it’s a game with 100 real-time players (Stumble Guys is capped at 32 players). Plus, there’s politics at play: Epic Games bought Fall Guys maker Mediatonic in March 2021. The Fortnite maker is known to be pretty grumpy, with Apple taking 30% of all revenue from purchases in the game. app from the App Store, so don’t expect it to come to iOS. early.

Enter Kitka Games and Stumble Guys, who have grossed over $21 million since the game’s launch. As they say in the business world, Stumble Guys eats Fall Guys lunch.

The resurgence of the division resurfaces

Last week we reported that the mobile version of Ubisoft’s The Division was announced in a somewhat strange way: with very few details and without a shred of actual gameplay material.

Turns out Ubisoft had a full gameplay trailer all along, so here we are a week later talking about it again. Then we will be quick; looks exactly like you’d expect from The Division on mobile.

And in a rather vague interview this week, Ubisoft noted that it’s applying the same AAA gaming principles to Resurgence as it did to its PC and console version. Good news I guess? Although there is no release date yet.

A new ring to rule them all?

A confession, dear reader, I have never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies, nor have I read the books. But I’m pretty sure there’s a bit in there about one ring that rules them all, or something.

So, with some confusion, it looks like the upcoming mobile game The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth will be all about a mysterious new ring.

It’s a solid setup for what EA’s Capital Games team is doing here, a game in the same vein as Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes, where players take on teams of characters drawn from the history of the fictional Star Wars universe. Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes.

And while EA tries to keep things quiet, you can play it right now if you’re willing to creatively switch accounts. It is currently launching on the Philippine app store.

What else to play next week

Source: Provider Sybo Games ApS

Apple Arcade’s newcomer Subway Surfers Tag is this week’s big game, a game that takes the autorun of the original and opens it up to arenas where you create combos by buffing rails and shooting enemies. It’s pretty simple; It might not satisfy those looking for something meaty to do this weekend, but for younger gamers and people who want brainless fun, it will be just fine.

It’s not hard to find inspiration for Banana Kong 2. It’s not as cheeky as Stumble Guys, but you play as a primate who runs and jumps through colorful cartoon worlds in search of his favorite fruit: the humble banana.

So yes, Banana Kong 2 is what Donkey Kong Country would be if it became an autorun game, but it’s still a good thing: the movement is smooth, the controls are tight, and the levels are varied and surprising. .

Until next week!

-Neil long

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