Is Hela in Thor: Love and Thunder? Answered


“What were you the God of again?”

Posted Jul 11, 2022 Kristina Ebanez

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The main antagonist of Thor: Ragnarok, Hela and the Asgardian Goddess of Death continuously reigned supreme during her first appearance, with the potency of her demonic powers and the ability to stop Mjolnir. So now that Love and Thunder is here, is Hela in this latest movie? We tell you everything you need to know about Thor and Loki’s estranged sister.

Is Hela in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Hela played a pivotal role in Thor: Ragnarok as the new ruler of Asgard, but is not present in Love and Thunder. In any case, you can count the interpretation of the character of Melissa McCarthy in the work of the film, which has other cameos such as Matt Damon as Loki and Luke Hemsworth as Thor. So at least fans got a slight reference to the Goddess of Death in a hilarious parody of what happened in Ragnarok.

The character was first introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he appeared after the death of Odin Borson, the father of Thor, Hela, and Loki. The events that follow result in the brutal murders of many soldiers, the invasion of Asgard, and the banishment of his brothers. But, at the end of Ragnarok, we see Hela being killed by Surtur, the fire demon, as she destroys the magical kingdom, fulfilling the doomsday prophecy.

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Is Hela dead in the MCU?

Image Source: Marvel

Though presumed dead in the movies, fans still wonder if Hela could have survived Surtur’s attack, especially when looking at her journey in the comics. For example, in X-Factor #251, she fights alongside the ****-Lords to defeat X-Factor and Mephisto. Also, she’s actually the Goddess of Death, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she were alive in future episodes.

Now that you know Hela isn’t in Thor: Love and Thunder, you can still see Melissa McCarthy’s performance in the latest film. If you want to see more Marvel content, you can check out the relevant links below and read our post on 10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love And Thunder.

Featured Image Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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