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Microsoft Flight Simulator Globe Swift Announced; Harrier Gets WIP Screenshots As DC Designs Tease Working Guns; Liberation of London Biggin Hill and Doncaster Sheffield airports

Microsoft Flight Simulator Globe Swift Announced; Harrier Gets WIP Screenshots As DC Designs Tease Working Guns; Liberation of London Biggin Hill and Doncaster Sheffield airports

Today, new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator were released, while news was shared by third-party developers.

We start with an announcement, Airplane Heaven will soon launch the Globe GC-1 Swift.

You can see the first screenshots below.

Image Source: Airplane Sky

Next up is DC DesignsB, which showed new in-progress images of the AV-8B Harrier II.

The developer also provided an update on its plans and teased “job weapons, which will be revealed later this year.”

“Okay, those other sims have weapons that work and MSFS doesn’t, right? Bad. Outside the market, MSFS has weapons. Work weapons. And my plane too. More on that later this year.

This week I split the job between the Harrier cockpit and the SC Designs F-16 Vipers, which needs an update to bring new features. Sometimes I have to switch plans depending on what else needs to be done, and Fighting Falcons had some minor bugs that really needed fixing (smoke not working for some users since SU9, etc).

During the F-16 upgrade process, I took the opportunity to figure out how to get Asobo’s afterburner shockwave effect working (many thanks to Pete B who helped me with this). This feature looks great and will be implemented in the F-15 Eagles, F-14 Tomcats and Concorde with their next updates. Around the same time, Sim Acoustics provided me with updated Eagles sound packs that include the full AI sounds – users will be able to hear the true roar of the Eagle engines in multiplayer. Additionally, CodenameJack has included the Head-Mounted-Display system with the F-16 Vipers, and this same system will be added to the F-15 Eagles for their next update. The Viper’s flight models are also updated and are even more refined and accurate now than before (and real Viper pilots already loved them, so CodenameJack’s additional improvements bring things even closer to reality).

The Harrier’s cockpit is now designed to a basic level, with scaled instruments and displays to match the real aircraft. I can start detailing next week, as well as the UV maps and the first texturing. We’re already mid-July, but with most of the current upgrade work completed or nearing completion, that clears the way for me to work full-time on the cockpit until it’s complete. This will take several more weeks to complete.

Work on the VTOL flight model continues, with CodenameJack and I now working on a unique system from the ground up to control the Harrier that is even more realistic than the Pelican model or any other model currently available. For those of you wondering, our real-world Harrier pilot contact felt there should be unlimited realism in the hover model, and we agreed. If you are wrong, you will die. Get it more or less right, and you might live long enough to be wrong. Get it right and you’ll be a hero. According to real Harrier pilots, learning to fly an F-35 is like learning to program a kettle. In contrast, learning to glide a Harrier was considered an art form that, if not done correctly, could become very dangerous very quickly. Consider yourself warned!

Finally, there has been recent news that while the SU10 beta works fine and appears to be stable with all my current products, WASM will apparently not be coming with SU10, so the Concorde INS will be on hold for longer. There is a small glimmer of hope as CodenameJack noted the presence of INS compatible data in the sim and is reviewing it, but for now it looks like the next Concorde update will not include the ‘INS. More news on this when we have it.

Image Source: DC Designs

Moving on to launches, we start with Pilot Plus, which launched the historic London Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB).

You can buy it from Orbx Direct for $15.60.

We stayed in the UK with DominicDesignTeam, who launched Doncaster Sheffield Airport (EGCN).

It can be purchased at Simmarket for $14.51 plus applicable VAT.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. A free 40th anniversary edition was recently announced with many new features.

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