The flying car from ‘Final Fantasy XV’ will be completely controllable

It turns out that the popular flying car of Final Fantasy XV that was briefly shown in the game’s latest trailer is, in effect, a completely controllable vehicle that players can drive freely.

This is stated by the news outlet Game Informer, who add that the vehicle works similarly to the previous ships from the Final Fantasy games.

As we enter and rise, quickly the ground will look far away and increasingly blurred, to later achieve complete control of our movements. Although we will travel quickly, we will not be able navigate the full map of the game in a matter of seconds as in previous deliveries with ships, since this time the world is much larger. Furthermore, it seems that driving the vehicle “is not as simple as pressing a button.”

The director of Final Fantay XV, Hajime Tabata, assures that we will not have to worry about face no problem in the sky, since driving the Regalia is a challenge in itself.


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