Where you can order the new MacBook Air M2: Purchase option updates

Source: ComoHow / Gerald Lynch

The most exciting laptop launch of the year is here: it’s M2 MacBook Air launch day! There’s been palpable anticipation surrounding the machine since it was unveiled at WWDC 2022, and now the time has finally come: you can order a MacBook Air M2.

The MacBook Air M2 features a completely new design from its predecessor, as well as Apple’s new super-fast M2 chip in its sleek new chassis. The MacBook Air now sits much closer to the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup of laptops, further cementing Apple’s latest industrial design across its product lineup. You’ll even be able to pick up a MacBook Air in new colors like Starlight, sparkling like champagne, or Midnight, smooth and almost black.

The MacBook Air M2 is available to order now from various retailers, but please note that shipping and delivery dates are delayed. Some customers are looking at early August dates, and Apple’s website says some machine specs won’t ship until August 16. At the moment, it looks like the top-spec machines will ship a bit earlier than the base models, but we’ll keep you posted on how things go.

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At the moment you can only order a MacBook Air M2 if you’re based in the UK – the machine came out of its pre-order phase early this morning, ready to order. If you’re in the US, you’ll have to wait until 5 am to order one.

Table of Contents:

  • Where to buy a MacBook Air M2
      • Where to order in the United States
      • Where to order in the UK
  • Where to order a MacBook Air M2 in the US
      • B&H Photography
      • Amazon
      • Apple
  • Where to order the MacBook Air M2 in the UK
      • john lewis
      • curry
      • Amazon
      • United Kingdom
  • When can I order a MacBook Air M2?
  • Should I buy a MacBook Air M2?
  • And the MacBook Pro M2?

Where to buy a MacBook Air M2

Where to order in the United States

Where to order in the UK

Where to order a MacBook Air M2 in the US

You can get a MacBook Air M2 from any good store that sells Apple computers. B&H photo has some Air in stock, but expect them to fly off the shelves. You’ll be able to spec your machine with the same chip, RAM, SSD, and color options that you’ll find on Apple’s website. Amazon offers the MacBook Air M2, but there aren’t as many customization options. There, you will only be able to choose the color you want and whether you want a 256GB or 512GB SSD Apple, as always, will have all the specs you could want in your laptop. However, you’ll find that delivery dates aren’t good at source: lower-spec machines now ship from August 16-23. However, there seems to be a trick to getting a better ship date on a lower-spec machine: choose a single-port 67W USB-C power adapter instead of the dual 35W charger, and the ship date upgrade to August 8. Not the best, but better.

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Source: ComoHow / Gerald Lynch

B&H Photography

B&H Photo has a selection of MacBook Air M2s to order, with all the different spec options to choose from. Since it appears to be the only other non-Apple retailer to offer this service, expect stock levels to evaporate quickly.


You can order a MacBook Air M2 from Amazon, but you can only choose the color you want and whether you want a 256GB or 512GB SSD. They’ll offer Prime shipping if you really need your new MacBook as fast as possible.


Apple has all the options you could want on your MacBook Air, right down to the keyboard layout and charging pad you want. It’s with this charging block that you could improve your shipping date: opt for the single-port plug and you’ll get your MacBook a little sooner.

Where to order the MacBook Air M2 in the UK

You can order a MacBook Air M2 from a few different retailers in the UK, the first of which is the John Lewis department store. However, you only have options when it comes to the size of SSD you might want, and it appears to be running low on stock at launch. Currys has web pages for the MacBook Air, but it’s not available yet, either sold out during the pre-order phase or sold out sometime this morning. In any case, when they are in stock, you will be able to choose between colors and SSD storage options. Amazon UK has a few machines you can order, but as with many of the MacBook family on Amazon, you can only choose colors and SSD size.

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john lewis

Retailer John Lewis also has the MacBook Air M2, with a few additional options available. Stock is running low though, so he’ll keep an eye out for every color in the coming days.


Currys has listing pages ready for the new MacBook Air, but stock isn’t available at the time of this writing; We’ll keep you posted when they become available again throughout the day.


Amazon UK will let you choose the color and SSD you want, and that’s it. Delivery also appears to be around August 10, so you can’t get Prime delivery either. They are in stock though, for how long is another question.

United Kingdom

Apple will let you spec your own machine, with more RAM options and SSD options than anywhere else. There will also be all colors, including the amazing Starlight option. Be prepared to shell out a lot of money for a fully upgraded machine – around £2500. Shipping dates have been slashed too; expect delivery date to be early to mid August.

When can I order a MacBook Air M2?

Right now! It may take a while to reach you; some of these shipping dates are obscene.

Should I buy a MacBook Air M2?

Source: ComoHow / Gerald Lynch

At first glance, absolutely yes. This completely redesigned MacBook Air scored five stars in our review, with Gerald calling it “the best MacBook most people should buy right now.” If that’s not praise enough, then we don’t know what is.

Beneath its sleek aluminum casing, you get a roaring M2 chip and ridiculously fast RAM. The screen has also grown since last time: it’s a bezel-less 13.6-inch Liquid Retina with incredible color accuracy. It has the same great build quality you’d expect from a MacBook and upgraded rubber feet to make it more stable. Its design brings it closer to the 2021 MacBook Pro, with sleek, smooth corners and a flatter profile.

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It looks like the best MacBook for everyone: It’s powerful enough to handle everyday tasks and even some light photo and video editing. Professionals may want to upgrade to the 2021 MacBook Pro, though if you’re looking for a business laptop, this probably wasn’t on your radar in the first place.

And the MacBook Pro M2?

We can tell you where to buy a MacBook Pro M2, but we can also tell you that buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro is pointless. On the contrary, this MacBook Air seems to be by far the most compelling option, sharing the same chip, SSD, and RAM options, just with a nicer, bigger screen and keyboard. For more information, we have a MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro (2022) guide to show you the main differences.

Source: ComoHow / Gerald Lynch

We’d love to tell you to buy a sleeve for your MacBook Air M2, but we have to tell you to be careful when looking for one instead: this laptop is completely different from the previous model, and some… unscrupulous cases sell its sleeves. designed for the 2020 Air as if it would fit the new Air M2. They will not. However, here are some of the best MacBook Air M2 cases you’ll find.

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