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Apple’s Studio Display has as much storage as its new iPad Air

Apple’s Studio Display has as much storage as its new iPad Air

Apple’s new Studio Display comes with as much storage as a base model iPad Air, though it doesn’t use much.

The new 27-inch Studio Display went on sale last week alongside the new iPad Air, but it turns out the two have more in common than you might think. Like the fact that they both come with 64GB of storage. Surprisingly, the best Mac display for most people today has as much storage as some iPhones not too long ago!

The news was first shared by developer Khaos Tian on Twitter, with the full 64GB clearly visible – though it’s worth noting that a fraction of that is in use at the moment – there’s plenty of room to grow of course.

lol Studio Display has 64GB of onboard storage? ! pic.twitter.com/XfHGCYUYMG

— Khaos Tian (@KhaosT) March 21, 2022

It’s not immediately obvious why a display needs so much storage, though one possibility is to give it enough space for software updates. The Studio Display comes with Apple’s silicon inside – an A13, to be precise – and requires a version of iOS to work. We know that Apple is already working on a software update that will fix the problematic webcam performance and that it will almost certainly come in the form of an update that will eat up at least some of that 64GB of storage.

Considering that Apple only put 64GB of storage in its flagship iPhones not too long ago, it’s still surprising to see that much on one screen. And if you’re shopping for a new iPad Air today, perhaps take that as a good example of why you might need more space for your new tablet.

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