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Cryptosmart: the crypto world (Bitcoin, Polkadot) at your fingertips

Cryptosmart: the crypto world (Bitcoin, Polkadot) at your fingertips

Thanks to Cryptosmartthe first Italian cryptocurrency platform, the world of crypto (Bitcoinm Ethereum, Polkadot,) is no longer relegated to a single niche of expert users. With Cryptosmart, everyone, even the less experienced in the sector, can sell, buy, deposit crypto in the maximum safety and transparency. Let’s discover together this great innovation on the Italian scene.

Objective: to bring cryptocurrencies into the real economy

Cryptosmart is an Italian company based in Italy registered in the OAM (Agents and Mediators Body). The two co-CEOs Alessandro Frizzoni and Alessandro Ronchi (founders of Aria and Go Internet) intend to expand this reality to other countries, such as France and Germany.

The founders of Cryptosmart also set themselves the goal of bringing the use of crypto intothe real economy “With this objective, the company has made it possible to purchase digital gift cards from the best brands of Italian large-scale distribution from electronics to clothing, without any intermediation by paying in Bitcoin”.

Why precisely in Italy?

Thanks to the recent establishment of the cryptocurrency registry, according to the two managers, Italy is a Ideal country for the use of this type of payment.The same Revenue Agency has for years already considered payments of cryptocurrencies as foreign currencies. Here’s why, when shopping in crypto you do not have to pay the capital gain if the stock is under 51 thousand euros.

The same banks, which initially “snubbed” cryptocurrencies, are getting closer and closer to this world. The reason? Banking institutions have understood that this is not a “flash in the pan”, but rather an innovation that will go on for a long time.

The services of Cryptosmart

The platform offers 4 main services: exchange, staking, CSmarket and CSpay. The first allows you to sell, exchange, buy different types of cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etherium, Polkadot, Cardano, etc.) through simple bank transfers and without intermediaries.

The staking service allows you to block your cryptocurrencies in the blockchain through the proof of stake model. Thanks to it, you can get a yield of 10-12%.

For companies, the CSpay service which allows you to get paid by customers in cryptocurrencies. The latter are instantly converted into euros. It is a very popular service as it allows you to increase your turnover.

The service of CSmarket finally, it allows you to use digital currencies in the real world thanks to the use of gift card present on the official website. Thanks to this service, for the first time, it is therefore possible to use cryptocurrencies in the real world.