Hitcase iPhone Cases and Accessories Raise the Bar for Smartphone Adventure Gear

I can’t say enough good things about Hitcase’s new line of iPhone cases and mounts and cases. They have really raised the bar when it comes to creating strong, durable and waterproof cases, which in themselves would be worth mentioning. However, Hitcase has gone a step further by creating a wide range of personalized accessories that perfectly fit their iPhone cases. These accessories include a selection of high-quality photographic lenses, as well as a selfie stick, chest mount, and handlebar mount, to name a few.

It’s not like I haven’t heard of Hitcase before. I had. I even tried some of their equipment. While I remember being impressed by their previous case offerings, I can’t say I thought of Hitcase’s products as revolutionary. Up to now. Hitcase’s new line of iPhone cases fills a gap in the saturated iPhone case market; That’s the lack of slim-profile iPhone cases that are designed to withstand the abuse of an adventurous lifestyle and also allow easy attachment of high-quality photography lenses, without having to remove your iPhone from its protective case. This is significant and for whatever reason the rest of the big name case makers haven’t done this. The fact is that a large percentage of people who would like to use interchangeable camera lenses are also people who like to go on adventures in nature or who love to explore their environments (wherever that may be) with the confidence and sense of security that comes from knowing your iPhone is well protected from the elements and from any drops or submersion.

Speaking for myself, the fact that I had to take my iPhone out of a waterproof case in order to use the iPhone camera lens was something that always limited the use of camera lens accessories. And it wasn’t just the inconvenience of changing iPhone cases. Imagine being out on the water on a surfboard, or in the fresh snow, or at the skatepark, or on a mountain bike trail, and wanting to get that killer wide angle or macro shot, but not wanting to risk damaging your iPhone that could all too easily happen in those situations by having to swap cases to fit third-party iPhone camera lenses.

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With the new line of Hitcase cases, your iPhone can remain securely encapsulated within one of the most protective iPhone cases on the market, and you can effortlessly switch between Hitcase camera lenses or connect your iPhone to various accessories. of mounting that Hitcase has to offer. And with Hitcase, you don’t have to wonder if your mounting accessories will work with your iPhone case or not. You can rest easy, knowing that any Hitcase accessory you get for your iPhone Hitcase has been designed and engineered for its specific purpose and will integrate seamlessly with your iPhone case.

I have been testing the Hitcase Pro ($99.99) and Hitcase Shield Link ($89.99) cases and some of its accessories for a few weeks now, and I can say that I am absolutely impressed. The Hitcase Shield Link is available for iPhone models 7 through X and offers standard waterproof/drop-proof protection, keeping your iPhone safe from submersion and drops up to 6 feet.

Hitcase Pro allows users to switch between lenses by ******** different lenses into a socket above the iPhone’s rear camera, while Hitcase Shield allows users to simply snap their lenses into place courtesy of magnets. If you are an avid iPhone photographer who enjoys capturing photographic records of your extreme sports or adventures, Hitcase Pro or Shield are great options for you to consider.

The Hitcase Pro with its unique Railslide mount is available for iPhone 6 through X models, although iPhone 6 models don’t have the convenience of Hitcase’s Railslide mounting system. These cases offer next-level ruggedness, with 9-foot drop protection and 33-foot submersion protection. The Hitcase Pro really makes this Arizona desert dweller yearn for a return visit to the beautiful Virgin Islands where I was born, to capture some stellar images of all the natural wonders my home islands possess, both above and below. of the water.

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Whether you choose the robust Hitcase Shield Link or the ultra-protective Hitcase Pro, you’ll appreciate the wide range of mounting accessories that will be available to you. Of course, which mounting accessory you start with will depend on your anticipated activities. If you’re a motocross, BMX, or mountain bike rider, for example, you’ll probably want to get the $34.99 Bicycle package. If you are a traveler and adventurer, you might want to consider the $49.99 Travel pack that includes the ShootR telescopic selfie stick and the FloatR lanyard. Or, if you’re the sporty type in general, you may prefer the $69.99 Hitcase Sport Package, including the ChestR Chest Mount and Windshield Suction Mount.

And no matter what your planned activity is, I highly recommend the $99.99 Hitcase Truelux lens package including a wide angle, super wide and macro lens accessory. The Truelex pack is compatible with the Hitcase Shield Link and Hitcase Pro cases. Hitcase Truelux lenses can also be purchased individually for $39.99 each. If you have an inclination towards iPhoneography (and really, who doesn’t these days?), this package is basically a must have.


  • Highly functional. The new Hitcase cases do the job they were designed and intended to do (ie protect your iPhone from extreme circumstances), and they do it very well.
  • I would consider Hitcase cases to be an optimal solution for any adventurer/photographer carrying an iPhone.
  • Case buttons and switch that articulate with iPhone controls (volume and power) provide a snappy and responsive interaction.
  • Compact, lightweight and innovative design and form factor.
  • Excellent multi-use design. Visually and aesthetically pleasing. Brilliant systems have been implemented to swap lenses and also to connect the iPhone to different accessories, such as the monopod (selfie) stick or the chest mount.
  • Lightweight, with a slim profile and discreet design.
  • Includes a powerful magnetic backing plate to attach your iPhone to magnetic mounts and chargers.
  • Works great with Qi chargers.
  • The aluminum perimeter of the shell provides a higher level of protection for those extreme conditions and circumstances.
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  • The small holes in the case provided for the purpose of attaching a lanyard strap are too small to easily accept most lanyard strap accessories. Tip: I was able to attach a lanyard by first running dental floss through the lanyard holes of the case and then tying it with a single hitch knot to a lanyard strap. I was then able to thread/pull the lanyard through the case’s lanyard strap holes, securely attaching the wrist strap to the Hitcase.
  • Hitcase Pro’s Railslide may not be to everyone’s liking. Although the case itself is not bulky, the Railslide mounting feature takes the symmetry out of the case’s appearance and, more importantly, adds a bit more bulk and takes away from the ease with which you can hold the case in your hand. .
  • The aluminum perimeter of the case can get uncomfortably hot to the touch when in a hot environment, like we have here in northern Arizona in the summer.
  • Hitcase Truelux camera lenses attach securely enough; however, if you opt for the Hitcase Shield, it’s important to note that the magnetic connection is not designed to withstand heavy impact or abrupt shock. Otherwise you could lose a lens. In contrast, the Hitcase Pro offers a *****-in, threaded connection for Truelux lenses, which is much more secure and reliable than the Hitcase Shield’s magnetic connection. My only caveat when using the lenses with the Hitcase Pro would be to avoid damaging the ***** threads on the case (or the lenses!) which, in turn, would prevent you from properly attaching the camera lenses.
  • Only available in black.
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final verdict:

I can be quite critical in my reviews, and it’s rare that I come across products that I give more than four stars, but the Hitcase line of cases and accessories, despite the few drawbacks mentioned above, have certainly earned my respect and praise. I highly recommend these cases and their mounting and lens accessories to anyone looking for exceptional gear to keep up with their active and adventurous lifestyle. Both the Hitcase Pro and the Hitcase Shield are especially suitable for anyone who is an avid iPhone photographer.