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Microsoft Flight Simulator Fenix ​​​​Airbus A320 gets new details ahead of launch

Microsoft Flight Simulator Fenix ​​​​Airbus A320 gets new details ahead of launch

Today, third-party developer Fenix ​​Simulation shared new details about its upcoming Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although the long-awaited hi-fi plane does not yet have a release date, we already know that it will be priced at 49.99.

This time, the details were provided by project manager Aamir Thacker on the developer’s official Discord server, explaining that the final version of the plane may have been compiled.

Thacker provided a commendable and transparent overview of the few issues that will be present at launch, including a small approximation of engine fuel flow, which should be resolved in time.

We also learn that the developer intends to “try to give as much warning as possible” when the release date is finalized.

You can read the full announcement below.

I hope I’m not jinxed but I think we just created our final release candidate which means it’s time to talk about some stuff and I’m sorry but it’s going to be a long one!

Let’s start by clearing that up: release schedule. We’re going to let this RC build sail the high seas with our notoriously nosy testers for a while, just to make sure we’re not about to ruin thousands of people’s day. We expect this process to take a day or two depending on what shows up. While I’d love to keep our little A320 until every aspect is perfect in our eyes, the reality is that you have to draw a line under it at some point and knock it out of the nest. It has been a labor of absolute love, sleepless nights, and passion to create the flight simulation experience we want, and I hope you will too.

As this is the first release of our product, and it’s not likely to go unnoticed if we mess it up, we’re doing our best to prepare for all aspects of product purchase/installation/user experience, etc. Invariably we will make a mistake, hopefully it will be a small one, but please know that we are doing our best and anything that comes up will be resolved as quickly as possible. That said, if the potential issues of Day 1 aren’t your thing, avoid them for a while: no badges are handed out for purchase when available; We prefer that each customer is happy. Sit back, watch videos, read reviews from those you trust, see if it suits your simulation needs (I know some of our developers spend way too much time on the BAe 146…).

I’m going to do something a bit unusual here and talk about some of the weaknesses of our unreleased product. Things I would like to know before buying. There are two big ones I’d like to cover: Engines and DU. Engines are fun, MSFS gives us a single set point for fuel flow, whether it’s putting out Saturn V flow figures when climbing to low altitudes or sucking up fuel while cruising, there’s just no gain. We care as best we can, and see a 6% margin from the actual numbers, balancing all aspects of the flight, then rounding up on the slightly more efficient side so you land a few more gallons than you need , not a little less…! Ultimately, we believe the best way forward is a completely custom engine model. In fact, we’ve already started to delve into this trail with start/stop, EGT, coil times, and more. – but going much further and doing it well requires SERIOUS work and may not pay off for some time. Since we are already so close to the numbers, it doesn’t seem worth holding off for an indefinite period of time (at least a few months). Frankly, to the average eye, nothing will look bad, but you’re far from average, right? Once the post-launch cleanup has settled down, we’ll launch into an all-Fenix ​​engine solution.

We’ll also take a closer look at the screens. We’re not entirely happy with it either, despite minor and cosmetic issues (shape scaling, text positioning, etc.). But again, we want to address it properly rather than with duct tape and prayers. If you’re not really sure what I’m talking about at this point on any of these, it gives you an idea of ​​how relatively minor they are on the scale of things. But transparency is very important in this community, so I’d rather talk about it at the risk of scaring some people than ignore it.

Not only will we be working on the above, but hundreds of other things that came to our attention during development that couldn’t be justified as part of the product… at the time. For us, the excitement of launch closes this development chapter and begins a whole new one. Every day the “OOOOH LET’S DO THIS” list grows. Either way, less talk and more show on that front, we’re excited.
Maintenant, it is the best of discussions on the fact that we do not have our external systems on the SIM card, because we do not have them, but we do not use them as well as the same system as the FSUIPC and the VGDS of Aerosoft to automatically manage the aspect of choosing to you. As long as MSFS is running exe.xml (which it’s had trouble doing on occasion since SU9; Asobo knows this, but we don’t retain the version when it works for most), you can just load MSFS and select our A320 like any other, go to fly and, except for a moment after loading, where the internal and external systems perform a momentary handshake, it is like any other aircraft. If MSFS decides not to use its own exe.xml, simply open the Fenix ​​app at any time before or after loading the SIM card and it will take care of the rest; nothing else is required. The benefits of this method are many, such as allowing you to select the hardware on which to display screens to reduce a performance bottleneck specific to the system it’s running on. We do not process serial numbers, 2FA, emails with verification links, etc. : Simply download the installer and sign in with your account details that you used to purchase the product. Until you completely uninstall Fenix, you should not be prompted to log in or do anything else outside of MSFS. There are two things to note about this system:

1. Requires an internet connection when connected, but will happily work offline as long as the Fenix ​​app is open.

2. To keep it that simple, we associate each license with one machine at the moment, but as soon as our colleagues in the Ukraine are back up and running, we will expand this to 3 machines and generally improve the process. For what it’s worth, you can swap the PC install as many times as you like, just ping support and they’ll reset it right away, no questions asked.

Finally, we will try to give as much advance notice as possible when we have a release date and time. We trust our infrastructure, but I’m not promising steak dinners.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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