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Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword: Best Builds, Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword: Best Builds, Tips and Tricks

Source: ComoHow

Since there are 14 weapons to choose from in Monster Hunter Rise, it can be difficult to determine which one works best for your play style. If you enjoy playing the role of a tank that smashes first and answers questions later, you will love the great sword. It does the most damage of all other weapons and can even block enemy attacks, but in return you will move quite slowly.

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there. To prove it, let’s dive into the various attacks, abilities, and builds of the Great Sword that really make this weapon great.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword fighting style

Source: ComoHow

The great sword is a heavy weapon that allows you to perform powerful charge attacks and block enemy attacks at the expense of sharpness. It can certainly do the most damage of any other weapon, but it is also very slow.

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Monster Hunter Rise Big Sword Controls

Controls Function X Vertical bar A Wide sweep X + A Riser bar A (while charging) Inlet ZR (in air) Downshift ZR Guard

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Combos

Combo Feature Hold X, Left Stick + Hold X, A, Hold X True Charged Slash Kick: Charged Slash> Strong Charged Slash> Strong Wide Slash> True Charged Slash A, A, A Forward Lunge Attack Combo: Wide Sweep > Tackle> Jump Wide Slash A, X + A, a fixed combination: Wide sweep> Rising slash> Wide sweep

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Switch Skills

Monster Hunter weapons have their own attacks and each attack can have one of two switch abilities assigned to it. Here are the switch skills for the great sword.

Attack Switch Skills Silk-bound Attack ○ Constant Charged Slash – Can resist knockback and moves you forward with a strong Charged Slash.
○ Hunting Edge: makes you attack by jumping forward. If you hit your enemy, you can follow up with a Charged Slash or Charged Plunging attack. Regular Attack 1 ○ Tackle: move you forward and attack using the flat side of the blade. It is not as easy to use as a normal tackle, but it can keep you going.
○ Guard Tackle – A charged slash that hits twice with a big swing and deals a lot of damage. If you hit a weak spot on the first hit, the second hit will do more damage. Regular Attack 2 ○ True Charged Slash – A Charged Slash attack that hits twice while spinning you. If you hit a weak point on the first hit, the second deals bonus damage.
○ Rage Slash – If a player takes damage while the weapon is being fired, it increases the user’s attack.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Silk Attacks

Silkbind ZL + A Power Sheathe Attack Feature – Lets you advance quickly while sheathing your weapon and temporarily increases your attack. ZL + X Hunting Edge – Makes you jump forward and attack. A successful hit can be followed by a charged slash or a charged dive thrust into the air. It can be deactivated with Adamant Charged Slash. ZL + X Adamant Charged Slash – With the help of a Wirebug, you dash forward with a Strong Charged Slash. Since it stiffens its body, it can withstand the impact. It can be disabled with Hunting Edge.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Best Builds

Source: Capcom

Every construction you do will have concessions. However, these are what we consider to be the best builds for the great sword.

Best build for 2-star missions

Zone Best Gear Weapon Buster Sword I Head Izuchi Helm Chest Hunter’s Chest Alloy Arms Vambraces Waist Bone Spiral Legs Greaves Baggi

Stats and skills for this version:

Best build for 4-star missions

Zone Best Gear Weapon Buster Blade Head Basarios Helm Chest Barroth Mail Arms Somnacanth Waist Straps Basarios Coil Legs Basarios Greaves

Stats and skills for this version:

The best endgame build for Great Sword

Best Gear Zone Abominable Weapon Large Sword Head Khezu Helm S Anja Cotte Chest S Rathalos Arm Suspenders S Rathalos Coil Size S Legs Ingot Greaves S

Stats and skills for this version:

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Best Skills

I recommend that you work to improve these skills as soon as possible. It will greatly help you to perform better with the big sword.

Ability What it does Attack Boost Increases attack power and, at higher levels, also increases affinity. Focus Reduces the time it takes for the meters to fill so you can process more combos faster. Weakness Exploitation Your attacks deal more damage when you exploit a monster’s weakness. Critical Eye Increases the chance of receiving critical hits.

One of the biggest

There’s a reason the big sword is such a popular choice when playing Monster Hunter Rise. With its powerful attacks and blocking ability, you can take down monsters with fewer hits and also protect yourself. Just keep in mind that it is slower than other weapons out there.

If you’re unsure whether the greatsword is a good option for you, take a look at one of the other 14 weapons.