ONEflight International Private Jets, offers a bonus

If you want to know how much a private jet voucher is worth, this time we will talk about it.

Presented by ONEflight – Is this a winning entry on Shark Tank? ONEflight International, the Colorado-based private jet broker featured in Robert Herjavec’s TV commercials, is offering new customers to purchase 50 hours on its BAJ (Book-A-Jet) Jet Card program in March. a flight credit of $ 25,000. ONEflight’s exclusive BAJ (Book-A-Jet) membership allows customers to choose from a list of more than 75 different aircraft types, trip by trip. Even more than flight credits, the ONEflight offering allows members to match a specific aircraft to a mission, meaning that members never buy more than they need.

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What is the bonus on a private jet about? It is a variation of the traditional “box of chocolates” model in which a category is chosen: light, medium, super medium, and so on. Although some operators offer specific aircraft options, they are generally based on their individual fleets. Ferren Rajput, CEO of ONEflight, told Private Jet Card Comparisons that the move was designed to match increased interest in travel as states ease COVID-19 restrictions and more Americans are vaccinated. The attached Doug Gollan link describes the offer in more detail.

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ONEflight International Private Jets, offers a bonus