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OPPO celebrates 100 years of the legendary “Center Court” at Wimbledon


OPPO celebrates 100 years of the legendary “Center Court” at Wimbledon

OPPO unveiled the festivities scheduled for celebrate 100 years of Wimbledon Center Courtof which it is an official partner for the fourth consecutive year.

The most famous tennis tournament in the world in fact, it opened its gates last Monday and sees ours engaged among others Jannik Sinner who has to keep the Italian flag high after the forfeit of Berrettini causes positivity to Covid19.

Among the flagship initiatives, the presentation of the latest AR experience created by the brand with the help of proprietary technology stands out CybeReal 2.0 and the flagship smartphone OPPO Find X5 Pro.

“Our brand proposition ‘Inspiration Ahead’ represents the desire to inspire people to have faith in the future, encouraging them to remain steadfast even in the face of obstacles that arise along the way. Hence the decision to participate in sporting events, through which OPPO can transmit this spirit of mutual inspiration and tell its achievements in the field of technological innovation to users all over the world “, declares William Liu, OPPO Vice President and President of Global Marketing.

OPPO has thus given birth to a new one AR experience, which traces the history of the tournament. Available exclusively at the stand of the brandpeople will be able to virtually meet some tennis stars who have made the history of the tournament over the decades, as well as being able to experience the most exciting moments that have made Wimbledon one of the most famous and loved tennis tournaments in the world.

At the base of the experience is the OPPO’s CybeReal 2.0 technology, capable of reconstructing complex, large-scale and dynamic environments. The technology fuses the physical and virtual worlds to create a wide range of creative environments, thanks to OPPO’s latest advances in spatial processing and localization.

An occasion like Wimbledon is of course also the ideal place to showcase the photographic and video skills of the flagship of the Chinese business, the Find X5 Pro which is led in its imaging section by the proprietary NPU MariSilicon X.

The 50 Megapixel wide-angle camera is also equipped with a five-axis stabilization systemwhich improves with each use to counteract vibrations, reduce noise and sharpen scenes, ensuring tennis fans can capture the evocative Wimbledon scenes in their entirety, thanks to sharp and perfect shots.