Windows 10 Build 16188: Cortana in Settings, PDF form filling Edge

Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Build 16188 to the Fast Ring Insider channel today which is now available via Windows Update.

The new version comes with a ton of new features and changes, including more Microsoft Edge PDF capabilities, moving Cortana options to the Settings app, updating Magnifier settings, and the Windows Defender Application Guard feature only. For businesses.

Note: The changes discussed in this article are previews. Most of them will land in the next stable version of Windows 10, due out in September 2017.

Microsoft Edge PDF enhancements

The PDF reader in Microsoft Edge, which is the default PDF reader in Windows 10 coincidentally, was updated in the new version with four new features:

  • PDF form fill in allows you to fill in forms in PDF documents. Form filling works exactly the same as in other applications that provide the functionality. Click in a field and use the keyboard to enter characters in it. You can save the PDF document later, and / print it.
  • PDF annotations is the second characteristic. This extends the browser’s “make a web note” feature, so that you can draw on PDF documents in the same way that you can draw on normal web pages. You can write on the PDF document, use the text highlighter, or erase annotations again. The edited document can be saved for later use.
  • Table of Contents is the third characteristic. Collect the table of contents of the documents, if it was defined by the author of the PDF document. This allows you to quickly jump to the document by clicking on the titles in the side panel.
  • Additional editing and viewing options allow you to rotate PDF documents or change the layout type from one to two pages that are displayed side by side when selected.

Cortana in the Settings app

Until now, you have to manage Cortana’s settings from the Cortana interface. Microsoft made the decision to move the options to the Settings app to improve accessibility.

Cortana options are found in Cortana in the Settings app (use the Windows-I shortcut to open the app).

The following options are provided:

  1. Talk to Cortana
    1. Have Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana.”
    2. Toggle Windows-C keyboard shortcut. If enabled, use it to talk to Cortana.
    3. Use Cortana even when the device is locked.
    4. Let Cortana access my calendar, email, messages, and power data when my device is locked.
    5. Set the Cortana language.
  2. Permissions and history
    1. Review activity on all Cortana devices
    2. Change what Cortana knows about me in the cloud
    3. Manage what you allow Cortana to do, see and use.
    4. Manage the information Cortana can access from this device.
    5. Manage the information Cortana can access from other services.
    6. SafeSearch Settings.
    7. Change device history.
    8. Change my search history.
  3. Notifications
    1. Toggle “Send notifications between devices”.
  4. More details
    1. Privacy information and other information.

Changes to Magnifier settings

Microsoft also updated the Magnifier settings in the new version. To find Magnifier, open the Settings app and select Ease of Access> Magnifier when it opens.

The page displays all available Magnifier shortcuts for easy access.

  1. Windows-Plus – Turn on the magnifying glass.
  2. Windows-Esc – Disable Magnifier.
  3. Windows-Ctrl-M – Open Magnifier Settings.