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App: which are the most successful categories?


App: which are the most successful categories?

In recent years, the use of applications downloaded directly to your smartphone has increased more and more. These are applications that are generally designed to be light, so as not to excessively occupy the memory of our smartphone and work in a fast and practical way. The most successful categories are those related to communication and entertainment.

Why are we using these apps more and more?

Apps have become synonymous with speed and efficiency. These are applications that can be downloaded directly to our smartphones and represent truly functional tools for accessing certain services in an ever faster way. Some apps allow you to shop with one click. Others to buy music or subscribe to a TV series. They make our activities immediate, allowing us to cut time and stress in half.

What are the most downloaded applications?

The most downloaded applications in the world are those related to entertainment and communication, such as “TikTok” or all the apps of the company of “Mark Zuckenberg”. We are obviously talking about “Messenger,” Instagram and WhatsApp. These apps, compared to websites, are light and make our communication free and fast. They allow us to communicate with several people at the same time, sharing video photos and audio instantly and, above all, for free. The times when we communicated through paid sms and tried to summarize the sentences as much as possible, often resorting to extreme abbreviations, seem distant. Today, times have definitely changed and no one is able to give up the possibility of facilitating their own way of communicating with others.

As for the apps related to video editing, the most downloaded application is CapCut. In the category of games we report Roblox and Candy Crush, but a small mention also deserves those card games apps with cash winnings that allow you to take advantage of instant no deposit bonuses upon registration.

Amazon is the most requested app for online purchases. Netflix appears to be the most used platform for viewing TV series. Watching a movie or our favorite series becomes easier and easier through our smartphone. It is inevitable that more and more people prefer to use practical and quick methods to entertain themselves.

During the pandemic in Italy, the most downloaded apps were PosteID and IO which made it possible to download and have at hand certifications useful for accessing public spaces. Finally, as regards the wellness category, the most downloaded app is Mi fit, an app that helps organize motor activity.

Health and wellness apps: why is their downloading increasing more and more?

There are many apps that remind us what time to drink, ask us to enter the data relating to our weight every day, suggest diets and exercises to lose weight. We have all tried them at least once, surely it will have happened during the pandemic period, when it was not possible to leave the house and the gyms were closed. In fact, in 2020 the health and wellness apps obtained more than 20 million dollars in income.

Furthermore, today many women are used to downloading apps that are useful for keeping tabs on the food labels and especially the cosmetics they buy. It is a clientele that is increasingly attentive to what they buy and these applications help to understand quickly and practically if the products we want to buy are eco-sustainable and organic. This is why products such as the Bromatech Protocol are increasingly loved for those who love to use more natural remedies for