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The 5 most powerful ghost-type moves in Pokémon

The 5 most powerful ghost-type moves in Pokémon

Ghost-type Pokémon have some of the most unique and dangerous moves in the franchise.

There are many ghost-type attacks that Pokémon fans are familiar with. Often times, non-ghost creatures will have a ghost-type attack, giving them ample cover.

What are the most powerful ghost attacks? The strongest Power-based moves are the signature moves of some powerful Pokémon. This makes them as rare as it is harmful.

The 5 most powerful ghost-type moves in Pokémon

# 5 – Astral Barrage

Astral Barrage is a ghost-type move that simply deals damage to all adjacent Pokémon. It has a power of 120 and an accuracy of 100%. The move was introduced in Generation VIII, along with the Pokémon it belongs to. Astral Barrage is Shadow Rider Calyrex’s signature attack, which is formed when Calyrex and Spectrier combine with the Reins of Unity element.

# 4 – force of the shadows

Shadow Force is the signature of the famous and legendary Ghost / Dragon type, Giratina. It comes with 100% accuracy and a power of 120. Shadow Force makes the user disappear with use and attack on the next turn. This move impacts even if the target Pokémon uses Protect or a similar move. It also removes wards for the rest of the turn, so another Pokémon can attack the target after a double battle.

# 3 – Shadow Arrows Raid

Sinister Arrow Raid is the Z-Move version of Spirit Shackle. Spirit Shackle is Decidueye’s signature attack. Sinister Arrow Raid has no side effects. Deals damage directly to the target Pokémon. Because it is a Z-Move, it cannot be missed. It comes with a power of 180, giving it the third highest power of all Ghost-type moves in Pokémon.

# 2 – Soul Stealer 7 Star Strike

It is another Z move that cannot miss its target. Its power is enormous. This is the upgraded version of Spectral Thief. This is the exclusive Fight / Ghost Mythical Pokemon Marshadow move. Again, this is a ghost-type move that deals damage with no additional effects added. It’s a move where Marshadow simply punches and kicks his opponent with incredible force.

# 1 – Menacing Moonraze Whirlwind

The strongest Ghost-type move in Pokémon is, of course, another Z-Move. Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom is owned by Lunala and Dawn Wings Necrozma. It is an improved version of his signature move, Moongeist Beam. The attack deals damage and ignores all ignorant. It has 200 horsepower, which puts it at the top of the list.

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