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M2 MacBook Air Unboxing, First Impression and Review Videos are here!


M2 MacBook Air Unboxing, First Impression and Review Videos are here!

Source: Gerald Lynch/ComoHow

If you’ve been waiting to see your favorite YouTubers and media outlets unboxing a new Apple product, that day has come!

The new MacBook Air officially launched on Friday, but what’s a launch week without taking the weekend off to sit back and watch all the unboxing and first impressions videos? A ton of reviewers flocked to YouTube to share their unboxing, first impression, and review videos.

If you prefer to read a review (or in addition to watching all the videos), ComoHow editor Gerald Lynch put the new MacBook Air through its paces and wrote a detailed review that you can read here.

The new MacBook Air takes the design language of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, adding a larger screen, an M2 processor, and bringing back the era of MagSafe charging. It’s also the first MacBook Air that can upgrade to 24GB of memory.

You can watch all the unboxing and first impression videos below:

Table of Contents:


Discover the new MacBook Air M2! EDIT: the screen is 13.6 and its 8 core CPU / 10 core GPU! Sorry for the video error!


Review of MacBook Air 2022 with M2 chip benchmarked for Xcode, video production and gaming. My unit has an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage.


The new M2 MacBook Air 2022 has arrived! Let’s go to the unboxing and the full review!

lora crystal

NEW MacBook Air M2! Here is my review/unboxing after a week!

brian tong

This is my first impression and unboxing of the new Apple MacBook Air M2 in Starlight! Also, how does Starlight compare to iPhone Gold?


The new MacBook Air M2 2022 has arrived with the new Apple Silicon and a completely new design, new colors matte black or midnight, starlight, silver and space gray, better battery life and more. In this video, I unbox, set up, compare, and take a first look at the M2 MacBook Air update that improves on the last major update we received with blazing speed. We also compare the M2 MacBook Air to the M1 MacBook Air, M1 Max MacBook Pro 14, and even the M1 Ultra Mac Studio and review thermals, export speed, and more.

the tech guy

The Tech Chap reviews the MacBook Air M2: With the M2 chip, 1080p camera, quad speakers, longer battery life and revamped design, is this M2 Air worth buying over the M1 Air?

Matthew Moniz

MacBook Air 13 M2 2022 review. Design is great, battery life is amazing, but is it a massive upgrade from the Macbook Air M1? I hope this video helps you decide on your next MacBook purchase.

Nikias Molina

The new MacBook Air surprised me in many ways. Therefore, in this video I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the latest Apple laptop. From new design, brighter screen, MagSafe charging to new colors. There’s a lot to like about the MacBook Air. I answer the question at the end, should I buy the MacBook Air M1 or the MacBook Air M2? The M2 Air is probably one of the best value for money for video editing and for students.

Charles Conrad

Unboxing and setting up the new MacBook Air M2 at midnight (the new color for MacBook Air)!

The edge

The new MacBook Air is powered by Apple’s latest in-house processor, the M2. It has a better screen, a thinner and lighter design, better speakers, a much improved webcam, a great keyboard and trackpad, more convenient charging, and excellent build quality. It also comes with a higher price: It starts at $1,199, $200 more than the previous model, and a model with a decent amount of storage costs $1,499 or more. And the performance gains over the M1 model aren’t nearly as significant as the design and feature improvements.

There are many more, if you have gone through this list, keep searching YouTube for the rest. We can only link so long before our typing fingers give way.

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