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Phone Link: Android and Windows 11 team up with a new app

Phone Link: Android and Windows 11 team up with a new app

The association of a Windows PC with an Android smartphone is a controversy that has been going on for many years. The two operating systems used by the majority of users around the world are developed by different companies, for different ecosystems.

After several attempts, Microsoft seemed to have found the right recipe with the “Your Phone” application on Windows 10 and Android. This has acquired functionality over time: synchronization of SMS, photos and even applications. Some smartphones, whose manufacturers are Microsoft partners, also benefit from advantages such as those offered by Samsung.

But “Your Phone” was designed for Windows 10 and the Redmond company embarked on a new adventure in 2021 with Windows 11: for this reason from now on we will have to talk about “Phone Link”.

A completely new design

It’s not just the name that changes. Microsoft takes the opportunity to review the interface of its application by showing more notifications received on the smartphone on the left side, as well as some quick settings such as the ringtone level or the Bluetooth connection. A system of cards will then allow you to navigate between sharing files or synchronizing messages with your smartphone.

From the images shared by Microsoft, the interface seems more modern and above all more practical to use.

Partnership with Honor

Not only that, the Redmond house takes the opportunity to formalize the partnership with Honor, whose smartphones will become part of the list of privileged models that will benefit from additional synchronization options. Smartphones launched in China are currently affected: the Honor Magic 3, the Magic 4 and the new Magic V.

Where to download

The new application is now available on the Microsoft Store of Windows 11 via a software update. On Android, it will be necessary instead install the “Link to Windows” application that Samsung and Surface Duo users already know.