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Samsung Galaxy S22 line drops when used, iPhone 13 line stands tall

Samsung Galaxy S22 line drops when used, iPhone 13 line stands tall

Source: Nick Sutrich / ComoHow

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 line of devices depreciates nearly three times as much as the iPhone 13 line, according to a new study.

Used device seller SellCell has shared a new report on how quickly devices like flagships from Samsung and Apple lose their value after being unboxed. Hardware is expected to lose value once it’s been used, but the figures for Samsung’s Galaxy S22 devices are extremely worrying: a top-of-the-line 1TB Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G loses a whopping 52% in just one month, despite being “like new”. condition. Buyers of the 128GB version have it even worse, with their device worth 57.5% less than when it was new.

For comparison, Apple’s 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max only drops 23% over the same time period and under the same conditions.

Using internal smartphone value data, SellCell analyzed the depreciation values ​​(since launch) of flagship phones from Apple, Samsung and Google. It considered the trade-in value of all lines within each line (iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 6) based on the resale value of phones in “good” condition and “like new.” SellCell collected the data for one and two months since launch, to compare depreciation and see which brands hold their value. SellCell is the #1 price comparison site in the US for selling phones, constantly monitoring the value of these phones with over 40 independent buyers.

SellCell also reviewed Google’s Pixel devices — you can see all the phones the team reviewed in the table above. Maybe only check yours if you have money to spend, or if you have an iPhone!

While we already knew that iPhones hold their value well, the rate at which Samsung devices lose it is alarming. Perhaps for all the features Apple touts as reasons to switch from Android, secondhand market value is the best iPhone feature yet!

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