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Sega: back to the past with Game Gear Micro

Sega: back to the past with Game Gear Micro

After Mega Drive Mini, Sega is back in the limelight to make up for the nostalgia of the passing of time. Today, the Japanese giant unveiled Game Gear Micro, the scaled-down version of its famous handheld console from 1990 in addition to the “big” announcement for its 60th anniversary represented by the “Fog Gaming” service.

Together with Nintendo Classic Mini, Super NES Mini, C64 Mini or PlayStation Classic, Game Gear Micro completes the nostalgic collection of the gamers of the past…

Game Gear, the great rival of the Game Boy of yesteryear but with a color screen, therefore marks a return to the past. This time, however, it does so without any cartridges to insert. Barely bigger than a keychain, Game Gear Micro will be available in four colorful designs, with four pre-installed games.

If Game Gear was known for its high battery consumption and low autonomy, the company has worked in this direction and the console will run on two AAA batteries or with a USB cable.

Game Gear Micro is expected on October 6 in Japan and at select retailers. It will cost 4,980 yen (about 40 euros) and will be 40% smaller than the original. There is currently no release in the West.

The Game Gear Micro collectible set

A limited edition casket will also be proposed including the four consoles, all the games and collectible pins but above all an essential object to counter the small size of the screen, or a magnifying glass to play more comfortably.