The new Windows 8 Explorer interface

For the next version of Windows, Microsoft is focusing as mentioned in statistical analysis on the use of its operating system, in a previous post they talked about the improvements in file management, now the user interface follows.

Many of us already know what Ribbon is – The interface of Office 2007 and above – and that is the new interface that the Windows 8 file explorer will present. For some, it seems like a success, while for others it would worsen the interaction.

Apart from those opinions, in the Building Windows 8 blog they published progress on the redesign that is being done to the operating system’s file browser.

The new Windows Explorer will look like this:

As you can see, it adopts the Ribbon interface, and to counteract the occupied space, the status bar (bottom) has been reduced to a single column.

The main Ribbon tab offers the most popular Windows Explorer features. Based on their analysis of command usage, they found that only 2 out of 10 Windows Explorer commands are currently visible in Windows 7. In Windows 8 the File Explorer will offer access to all of them directly from the main tab.

These are the commands they analyzed:

  1. Paste = 19%
  2. Copy = 11%
  3. Properties = 11%
  4. Remove = 10%
  5. Rename = 8%
  6. Cut = 7%
  7. Search = 7%
  8. New Item = 6%
  9. Open = 2%
  10. Edit = 2%

In addition, it shows tabs for Share and View functions.

  • Share: Provides access to features such as sending e-mail, compressing files, printing documents, or sending faxes.
  • View: Displays options to enable or disable panels, change the view mode of a folder, or group and sort files.

Additionally you can add more tabs. Depending on the current location. For example, you can see a tab for Disk Tools if you are in the drives folder (Computer), in which you can see options such as Format, Clean or Optimize the drive, use Bitlocker encryption or work with removable drives and / or rewritable discs.

In the following video (in English) you can see it working.

It is interesting to note that the Windows 8 explorer will show more files per screen than the current one in Windows 7.





The file menu and other tools

For more details visit the official Windows 8 development blog. MSDN Blogs

Source: New Windows Explorer Will Ship With Windows 8