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Final Fantasy XIV: with patch 4.2 the sun will rise – Info and new trailer

Final Fantasy XIV: with patch 4.2 the sun will rise – Info and new trailer

With the Patch 4.2, next coming January 30 for Final Fantasy XIV Online Stormblood, The Sun Will Rise: The Patch 4.2 Trailer Hints At Adrenaline-pumping Dungeons, Raids, And More.

The Warriors of Light will have to draw their weapons again with the release of the latest update of FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online on January 30th. Patch 4.2, titled “Rise of a New Sun”, will add new content to the acclaimed MMO and continue the stormy story of the Stormblood ™ expansion.

Byakko one of the Four Lords

Adventurers will also be able to challenge themselves with the next cycle of the Omega raid series, explore two new dungeons and take on the first of the legendary Four Lords in an all-new thrilling challenge.

These are the details of the contents of the new patch:

• New missions of the main scenario: Thanks to the heroic deeds of the Warrior of Light and the highly anticipated return of Raubahn, Ala Mhigo continues his constant march towards recovery. However, in the East not everything is so well and from Doma there are some worrying rumors.

• A new raid dungeon: the next cycle in Omega’s raid series, Omega: Sigmascape, arrives to challenge the Warrior of Light even more. While familiar faces from FINAL FANTASY V have appeared in the past, today’s trailer shows us Sigmascape with elements that are very reminiscent of FINAL FANTASY VI…

• A new challenge: face one of the Four Lords, Byakko, in this new challenge that begins a new series of side missions.

• New dungeons: two new high-level dungeons: *****’ Lid and The Fractal Continuum (Hard).

• New Beast Tribe Missions: the Vira, one of the Ananta tribes, have always supported the resistance efforts by sending warriors to reinforce their ranks. Now they turn to the Warrior of Light for help.

• Glamor Dressers: convert clothes, weapons and tools into glamorous inns and combine them to fully customize your character’s outfits.

• Updates for “The Feast” PvP mode: in addition to a new rulebook and the addition of the “The Crystal Tower Training Grounds” map, the new PvP squad system will allow groups of 6 players to fight in ranking battles while communicating via a special chat feature.

• The new “Duty Recorder” function: analyze your raids from various angles to improve your tactics or relive your moments of glory with this new option for content replay.

• Housing updates: new districts and neighborhoods will be added to each of the four residential areas.

• Updates to bard actions, additional inventory through the use of a new companion space feature, and more.

For more information on the contents of Patch 4.2, please visit: HERE

The official trailer for patch 4.2, Rise of a New Sun, is available:

SQUARE ENIX® recently announced the dates and venues for the 2018-19 FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festivals. The tour will kick off in North America on November 16-17, 2018 in Las Vegas, follow with the European Fan Festival in Paris in early 2019, and end with the Tokyo Fan Festival in March 2019. More details on the events, including a teaser trailer , are available on the official Fan Festival website: https: //fanfest.finalfantasyxiv.com

Glamor Dresser

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial invites new players to join the millions of adventurers in the kingdom of Eorzea ™. The free trial allows everyone to access the content available up to level 35 (including the new PvP Rival Wings mode), to create up to 8 playable characters and to discover the various races, classes and professions available without time restrictions. New players wishing to try the free trial can register here: http://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/. All editions of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, including the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood expansion, are available on the Square Enix® Online Store at the following link: HERE

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