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This app can seriously increase the brightness of your MacBook screen

This app can seriously increase the brightness of your MacBook screen

Apple’s Pro Display XDR and newer MacBook Pros are capable of up to 1600 nits of brightness, but only when playing HDR videos or running specific apps — until now.

An app for Mac called Vivid aims to combat these limitations by making your screen up to twice as bright. The app uses standard Apple APIs to increase the default brightness from 500 nits to over 1000 nits.

Pro Display XDR and MacBook Pro (2021) 14-inch and 16-inch models are capable of maintaining 1,000 nits of brightness and reaching a peak brightness of 1,600 when streaming HDR content, meaning normal content will be able to achieve similar levels of brightness sustained. .

Not only will it make scrolling through social media, photo editing, and binge-watching Netflix brighter, but it will also improve screen visibility in bright sunlight, making yard work easier on hot days. sunny.

According to Vivid’s FAQ, the app “doesn’t use low-level display tricks to push the screen to levels it shouldn’t,” meaning it shouldn’t break the screen or reduce its lifespan.

“The temperature of your screens will increase by 5-10%, but macOS will limit the maximum brightness if necessary,” the developer notes.

However, the app warns that it cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your screen as a result of using the software.

The app can affect color accuracy and create glitches and unexpected images caused by HDR rendering on macOS, so it’s something you should be aware of if you’re considering licensing.

This will also drain battery life faster, but that’s to be expected when turning up the brightness.

Vivid is a free trial that lets you see the difference you’ll see in different apps and programs using split screen mode.

However, if you want to power both sides of the screen, you’ll need to pay €15 (or around £13) for the privilege.

From here, you can turn Vivid on and off from your Mac’s menu bar and use your regular brightness keys to adjust brightness levels beyond what Apple offers by default.

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