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XIII unveils all of its combat gear in the new Good Old Weapons trailer

XIII unveils all of its combat gear in the new Good Old Weapons trailer

Microids and PlayMagic present the new trailer for XIII – remake of the super classic FPS in cel-shading from 2003 – available from today. The video reveals the weapons and gadgets that players can use to achieve their goals in the game.

XIII will have a real arsenal at its disposal, tailored to face every situation and adapt to every fighting style. From the brute strength of heavy weapons such as 44 Magnum, M16, Bazooka to lighter weapons that allow you to act silently and in the shadows, such as the 9mm with silencer, throwing knives, crossbow or even a harpoon. XIII will also be able to make use of various gadgets, such as grappling hooks, spy microphones and burglar tools, to deal with any unforeseen events.

XIII will be released on November 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

About the Story of XIII:

Who are you?

The country is still in shock after the murder of President Sheridan.

And you wake up hurt and with total amnesia on an east coast beach. The only clue to your identity is the number XIII tattooed on your collarbone and a locker key. Despite the memory loss, you realize that not everything has been forgotten, starting with the fact that you have incredibly quick reflexes, comparable to those of a well-trained government agent. You will soon begin to piece together your past, uncovering what role you played in the assassination of the president of the United States and uncovering the most incredible conspiracy in your country’s history.

Step into the shoes of “XIII” – a man with no memory of his identity – and try to uncover the truth about organizing a huge conspiracy. Join XIII as he searches for his identity through a solo campaign and brutal online battle!

To the delight of fans, the iconic soundtrack and character voices are

those of the original game!

Here is the content of the Limited Edition, available by 10 November 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and in 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

The Limited Edition will include:

The Golden Classic Weapon Skins Pack (Gun + Golden Knife) is available in preorder for all editions in participating stores, and soon also in digital preorder exclusively for Xbox One and Steam. These bonus items will be available for free from November 10 to December 10 for players who purchase the digital version for PlayStation 4.